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Public Works – Maintenance Laborer
The Maintenance Laborer is a Union position within the Department of Public Works. A minimum 5 year experience with water and sewer operations is required. Backhoe and excavator experience a must. Compensation will be dependent on precious experience. The primary responsibilities of this position are the maintenance of Village right-of-way property, operation of light and heavy duty Village equipment, and maintenance of underground infrastructure.  The position of Maintenance Laborer has specific responsibilities for snow and ice removal, the repair of water service leaks, storm sewer system maintenance, tree maintenance, brush cleanup, sign maintenance, public improvements inspection and other construction oversight, property maintenance, etc.  To perform these major duties, maintenance workers will be expected to maintain and clean their equipment, restock depleted inventories, work cooperatively with contractors, and continue their education and training as specified by the Director of Public Works or his designee.   The Maintenance Laborer has an advanced knowledge of municipal infrastructure and systems and can direct other employees in the field.   
The following requirements are normal for this Union position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Because it is in the best interest of the taxpayers to receive services at the lowest possible cost, other tasks as from time to time assigned shall be deemed to be included in this position description.
1.    Operates Village heavy and light duty snow and ice removal equipment.
2.    Removes debris related to weather in a timely manner and with caution.
3.    Readies equipment for removal efforts by assuring proper operation of plow and providing for adequate salt.
4.    Provides snow and ice removal efforts in residential and commercial areas.
5.    May require a twenty-four (24) hour “on-call” status for snow removal in accordance with Village policy and procedures.
6.    May be required to coordinate the activities of other employees and/or contractors.
7.    Notifies residents impacted by break in accordance with approved Village policy and procedures.
8.    Assists and monitors the contractors working on water main repairs.
9.    Turns water back on and check for leaks.
10.    May be required to make decisions regarding the scope of work and the utilization of resources.
11.    May be required to maintain and monitor the operation of the water distribution system.
12.    Repairs and maintains street markers and signage.
13.    Removes animals and storm damage debris from right-of-way and parkway properties.
14.    Performs public inspections as directed by Director of Public Works of his designee.
15.    Removes, repairs, and/or secure identified damage equipment
16.    Ability to perform all of the specified duties demonstrated by satisfactory performance on a work sample test.  
17.    Must be able complete the “Fit for Duty” test designed specifically for this position.
18.    The employee must be physically able to drive trucks, heavy equipment, and operate the technical equipment on these machines.
19.    Employee must possess and maintain a Class B Commercial Illinois Driver’s License.
20.    Employee must demonstrate mechanical aptitude as determined by supervisory personnel.
21.    Employee must be able to read, write, and have the ability to learn technical knowledge regarding special equipment and machinery operated by the Village.
22.    Must have the physical health and ability to work in all kinds of weather conditions.
23.    Must have the physical ability to function effectively in varied terrain, i.e., hilly, unpaved, in trenches, etc.
24.    Must have the ability and aptitude for working alone without supervision and for completing tasks and duties as assigned.
25.    Ability to sit, stand and walk for extended periods of time.
26.    All employees are expected to practice safe work habits at all times.  Please refer to the employee safety manual and the department safety policies for more in-depth descriptions of safety guidelines.

Village of Westchester
Attn:  Greg Hribal, Acting Village Manager
10300 W Roosevelt Road
Westchester, IL  60154
Applications may be submitted electronically to ghribal@westchesterpolice.com  
 The Village of Westchester is an equal opportunity employer.


Under general supervision, directly assist and support the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee by supervising and performing activities related to operations, maintenance and control of the Broadview-Westchester Joint Water Agency’s (the “Agency”) water pumping, distribution, treatment, and hydroelectric facilities. Participate in, and help oversee, sample collection and basic laboratory testing, meter reading, water service connections, backflow compliance, and other customer service work. Assist and support the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee as directed. Perform all duties set forth in Section 4(f) (Employment and Personnel) of the Intergovernmental Agreement For The Establishment Of The Broadview-Westchester Joint Water Agency And For Water Sale And Purchase Contract. The principal business offices and primary pump station for the Agency is located at 2222 South 10th Avenue, Broadview, Illinois 60155. The Agency provides water from the City of Chicago to the Village of Broadview, Village of Westchester, Hines VA Hospital, Loyola Medical Center and John J Madden Mental Health Center. Water is transmitted to the Agency via a 24” Diameter PCCP Transmission Main. The Agency pumps an average of 4.2 MGD per day.
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