New Waste Hauler - SBC Waste Solutions

New Waste Hauler - SBC Waste Solutions
SBC Waste Solutions will begin providing garbage and recycling service to the Village of Westchester residents on July 1, 2024. 

Read SBC's informational packet here.

Call SBC at (312) 522-1115  

Some highlights include:
  • The collection schedule will remain the same. Residents’ pickup days will NOT change.
  • Service also includes collection of 2 bulk items per week and unlimited collection of electronics and household hazardous waste. Call or email SBC to coordinate. 
  • Rates are $21 per month ($42 per billing cycle) for regular service and $18 per month ($36 per billing cycle) for senior service. These rates will be reflected as of the July utility bill. 
  • SBC will begin delivering carts June 3. The delivery schedule will loosely follow the collection schedule, so if you receive Monday waste collection, your area will receive carts first. Once the Monday section is complete, SBC will move on to the Tuesday section, and so on. Each section will take several days to complete. All carts will be delivered prior to July 1, though we cannot provide residents with an exact date for their specific delivery. 
  • Residents should start using the new SBC carts as soon as they receive them (after their WM carts have been emptied for the last time), they do not have to wait until July 1. Once residents begin using the SBC carts, they must leave their empty WM carts at the curb (or alley) for collection - this is imperative, as WM will be following behind to collect old carts as SBC delivers new carts. We cannot provide an exact date for WM cart collection and appreciate residents’ patience while this transition is completed. 
  • Residents will receive (1) 95-gal garbage cart and (1) 95-gal recycling cart. If they want to downsize either cart to 65- or 35-gal, they may call or email SBC.
  • Residents who had purchased extra garbage and/or recycling carts from WM have the option of affixing a free SBC sticker to their cart or exchanging it for a new SBC cart for $35 – residents can call or email SBC to coordinate this. 
  • Residents can purchase extra SBC carts for a one-time fee of $85 per cart – residents can call or email SBC to order.
  • Organics carts are available for $12-$16 per month depending on size – residents can call or email SBC to order.
  • Residents can continue using their own personal cans or brown paper bags for yard waste at no additional charge, personal cans should be affixed with a “yard waste” identifier sticker, available at Village Hall at no cost. 
  • SBC will be mailing refrigerator magnets to all residents outlining what materials are acceptable and unacceptable for recycling - residents can expect to receive it in the next couple weeks. 
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