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Proviso Handyman April 2023
Spring is just around the corner! Do you need to replace your drapes? Do you need blinds repaired or new ones installed? Give our Handyman office a call to schedule an appointment or to register fo...
Deep Water Fitness
Deep water fitness with Janice starts June 13.  Register here or visit the Park District website at  
Street Maintenance
Between April 1 and November 30, except as otherwise posted 11.32.160(b) of the Municipal Code), it is unlawful to park any vehicle, or to permit any vehicle to remain parked, during certain w...
Withdrawl of Warning Notice
The Village of Westchester has issued a statement on the withdrawl of Warning notice related to Temporary Campaign/Political Signs.
Annual Town Meeting
To the legal voters who are residents of the Township of Proviso in the County of Cook and State of Illinois, that the Annual Town Meeting of said Township will take place on Tuesday, April 11, 202...
Branch & Yard Waste Pickup
Village branch and yard waste collection begins the week of April 10, 2023.  Yard waste stickers are available free of charge at Village Hall, and limit two per person. Learn more at ...
Never Birded Before?
We will be observing spring migratory birds from the comfort of the observation deck at the Historic Prairie House! Reservation is required. Please call the Library at 708-562-3573. 
Danny Trejo talks Tacos, Hollywood & Redemption
Profile actor, author, and restaurateur Danny Trejo's joining ILP for a fascinating virtual program about his prolific career in the entertainment industry with a hard-earned atypical raod to s...