Tree Replacement Program A Village ordinance amendment passed in October 2021 is allowing the Village to replant trees on parkways where tree removal has taken place, due to disease, storm damage, or premature death. As such, the Village has been doing this on eligible parkways for three plantings now, at no cost to the resident. This replacement program does not allow for residents to choose the species of tree planted, the location, the amount of trees planted, nor are residents able to opt-out of having a tree planted in the Village parkway in front and/or side of their residence.

If you would prefer to choose the species of the tree to be planted, this can be achieved through our 50/50 program. The resident can choose the tree from a list provided by the Village, and will share half of the cost of the tree and planting with the Village. To request a 50/50 tree, please call the Public Works Department at 708-345-0041.