Please place your refuse and recycle carts at the curb before 6AM on your scheduled service day. Please place carts at least 3’ apart and a minimum of 3’ away from any obstacles (i.e. light pole, fire hydrant, mailbox, car, etc.). The cart lid opening should be facing the street with the cart wheels facing the house. Please ensure that the cart lids are closed to prevent blowing material and animals getting in the carts. Please plastic bag all refuse before placing in the refuse cart. Please do not bag recycle material when placing in the recycle cart.

Please break down all cardboard and place it in the cart. Please place all plastic packaging and Styrofoam in the refuse cart. Additional recycle material may be placed in a clearly marked resident owned rigid sided container with handles not exceeding 32 gallons and 50 pounds.

If you have any questions please contact WM Customer Service at 800-796-9696.

Three Simple Rules

Waste Management will take the following items, unbagged and placed directly into the recycling can.

  • Aluminum foil products (cans, baking tins and foil)
  • Glass containers
  • Cardboard
  • Paper Bags
  • Tin cans, scrap metal (cookie sheets, utensils)
  • Plastic bottles and containers (including juice and milk cartons)

Non-recyclable materials should be placed in your standard trash receptacles.  Be certain that your trash cans, containers, bins or carts are not overloaded and that their lids can close all the way. Items below cannot be recylcled via curbside recycling programs.

  • Plastic bags (return to local grocery store)
  • Ceramic dishes, cups and glassware
  • Foam cups or packing materials
  • Windows, mirrors, sheet glass