The mission of the Westchester Police Department is to provide the highest quality Police services by working with our community and sharing our mutual responsibilities for safety, service, and problem resolution.  The Westchester Police Department will matain, periodically review, and update our department mission statement for the best interest of all those we serve and protect. It is the mission of the Westchester Police Department to protect the lives, property, and the civil rights of the people we service, to reduce crime, and to continually provide professional public trust, safety and improve quality of life. To accomplish the mission of the Westchester Police Department we hold these core values close to our hearts that guide our work ethnics and decision making in every capacity.

Core Values

  • Leadership - The Westchester Police Department is committed to be a leader and trendsetter of all Cook County Police Departments from the top down through honor and integrity.

  • Teamwork - We believe in teamwork amoung ourselves, members of the community, local businesses, other Westchester Departments or organizations to achieve common goals and objectives.

  • Respect - Our department respects the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Department and the community.  We took an oath to serve and protect by conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards and professionalism.  

  • Empowerment - We will concentrate on utilizing strength, innovations, and technology of our department members at every level of the organization through constant research.

  • Community Partnerships - We must be an inegral part of the community always working together through community collaboration. We will pursue community partnerships and strive to enhance and improve existing programs. We must engage in community policing and problem solving policing initatives.

  • Excellence - Our department will always strive for peronsal, professional excellence, dedication to duty and service to the public. 

  • Career Development - We must always build and develop our leadership and management roles through constant education. Employees must be well trained, challenged, and motivated to enhance customer service and the continual professional reputation of thee Westchester Police Department and its integrity. 

Daniel Babich, Chief of Police
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