“Community First”
The mission of the Westchester Fire Department is to protect life and property, promote public safety, and foster economic growth through a commitment to preparedness, prevention, response, recovery and mitigation as an all-hazards provider of emergency medical services, fire and rescue response, community risk reduction, and emergency management. We are dedicated to placing the needs of our community first.


Our vision is to be the best provider in the country of emergency medical services, fire and rescue response, community risk reduction, and emergency management for an organization and community of our size.

Core Values

  • Professional Excellence - We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of professionalism for our internal and external customers through our dedicated members. Our members are expected to remain on the cutting edge of our profession through continuous training and professional development in all aspects of our mission. “Do Your Job-Treat People Right-Give All Out Effort-Have an All-In Attitude” 

  • Integrity - We serve with integrity. We value the public’s trust and are committed to honest and ethical behavior. We hold ourselves accountable to this value. We believe in a personal commitment to our organization and our community. 

  • Communication - We share a common interest and commitment, but may see things from a variety of perspectives. We believe communication is essential to the cohesiveness and performance of our organization.

  • Embracing Diversity - We embrace, respect, and value the diversity of our community.  We are devoted to treating everyone with the highest degree of compassion, respect, and dignity to ensure our community receives the best possible service. Diversity and inclusion make our organization and our community better. 

  • Maintaining Health and Safety - We understand as public safety professionals that we may be called upon to place ourselves between harm and those endangered. To fulfill our mission our organization all of our members are expected to commit themselves to the overall health and safety of the organization and their own personal health and safety. 

  • Teamwork and Leadership - Everyone in our organization is a leader. We seek out and value the input and opinions of members at all levels of our organization. The department is only as strong as our teamwork and that drives our organization. We will work together locally and regionally to improve service to the public and to maintain a safe and effective work environment. We believe that all members have a duty to mentor others. 

  • Community - Everyone in our organization can change lives. We are committed to our community by exceeding expectations and strengthening our community involvement at all levels. We place the needs of our community first. 

  • Innovation - We embrace innovation and change. We recognize the value of new ideas, technology, and methods to meet the evolving needs of our community and members of the organization. We are committed to advancing change through innovative and progressive thinking that will benefit our community.
Michael Mavrogeorge , Fire Chief
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