June 2022 Storm

The National Weather Service has concluded that Westchester was hit with straight-line winds during the storm on Monday June 13, 2022 that ranged up to 95mph. Cleanup continues with our Public Works Department, contracted tree services and assistance of the Cook County Department of Homeland Security who has provided our town with manpower and equipment to remove the tree debris that has fallen as a result of this weather event.  This cleanup will continue into the coming weeks due to the number of fallen branches, limbs and entire trees that have been uprooted by the wind.  Public works is working methodically and efficiently going block by block removing branches that are left on the parkway or hanging from a parkway tree.  Branches that are on powerlines are being handled by ComEd’s tree service contractor so that ComEd can continuing working on the down lines and low hanging lines.

Fallen trees in private backyards are the responsibility of the homeowner and debris should be removed by private contractors.  Light debris and branches can be placed on the parkway by homeowners that will be removed by public works.

Due to this event we have discovered that roofs and fences have been damaged due to the storm and will be waiving permit fees for those permits until August 15, 2022.  Also, we are warning residents to avoid roofing scams by only utilizing a registered village contractor.  The current list of registered contractors for fences and roofing are posted online on the village website for reference.  Please contact the building department before signing any contract to verify that the company you are signing an agreement with is registered.  They can be contacted at 708-345-0199.

PERMIT FEES for fences and roofs will be waived until August 15, 2022.  A permit and inspection will still be required.  Contact our buiding department at 708-345-0199 for further information. 

Registered Roofing Contractors 

Registered Fencing Contractors

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