Alpine Banquet Haus

Alpine Banquet Haus
Joseph Tousek, the owner of Alpine Banquet Haus, embarked on his culinary journey in 1968, pursuing a Master’s degree in Chef, Pastry, and Bartending, followed by four years of hospitality business school

He immigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1981 and honed his skills in prestigious Chicago hotels such as the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Mayfair Region, serving celebrities like the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, and Michael Jackson. Through the course of this journey, Joseph now boasts an impressive 56 years of experience in the food industry. In 1988, Joseph settled in Oak Brook Terrace and established Alpine Banquet Haus in Westchester.

Despite starting in a modest structure on the corner of Roosevelt Road and Wolf Road, Joseph’s vision and dedication led to three renovations, including acquiring neighboring property for additional parking. Alpine Banquet Haus specializes in hosting various private events, from weddings to celebrations of life, with a commitment to inclusivity and accommodating any budget. In the words of Joseph, “Everyone deserves a celebration, whether it is in life or after.”

Joseph’s devotion to the community is evident through support for the Westchester Chamber of Commerce and hosting community events. His long serving staff, including Rubin, reflects the familial atmosphere he fosters. Rubin has been a constant presence, working alongside Joseph for an impressive forty years. They began their journey together as young men in Chicago, and Rubin has remained by Joseph’s side since Alpine opened over 35 years ago. Other members of the staff have also demonstrated remarkable loyalty, with tenures ranging from fifteen to twenty years, further underscoring the sense of family and connection at Alpine.

As Alpine looks to the future, Joseph’s son Thomas and daughter-in-law Kat are poised to continue the legacy of excellence. Thomas, with 20 years of experience, will maintain the quality of service and cuisine, while Kat, as banquet coordinator, introduces modern event man- agement techniques and enhances online presence through social media and other tools. While they are prepared to continue adapting, they also remain fiercely committed to preserving the quality, history, and tradition of what has made Alpine Banquet Haus a successful community gem.

When asked about supporting local businesses like Alpine, Joseph emphasizes the importance of community backing, echoing the Westchester Chamber of Commerce’s call to “shop locally.” Reach out to Alpine Banquet Haus for your next gathering!

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