Westchester Blood Program

Whether you’re a new comer or a long time resident of Westchester, you may never have heard about the Westchester Blood Program. We ask that you please take a moment to acquaint yourself with one of the most important organizations in this village. Since its inception in June 1974, the program has collected more than 25,000 units of blood from civic-minded residents as well as from individuals who travel from other towns throughout the western suburbs to take part in our blood drives four times each year. The program has become one of the most productive community-oriented groups of its kind in Chicagoland and is affiliated with LifeSource, the area’s largest blood-collection organization. The blood we collect at our drives, which are always held on Saturdays, is sent to area hospitals and blood banks to save or prolong the lives of severely ill patients or accident victims. On average, one pint can be divided up to help save the lives of four different patients. We are very proud of the fact that between 150 and 200 donors usually participate in our drives. In addition, dozens of Westchester residents volunteer their time to make the drives run smoothly and to keep the program operating. Not a penny goes to anyone involved in the program. Donating blood costs nothing, just a few minutes of your time. And when you’re finished, you’ll walk out feeling warm all over from the pleasure of knowing you’ve helped save a life or two or three. If you are healthy, over 17 years old and 110 pounds, please consider devoting a few minutes to give a pint of blood. It is a frustrating fact that less than 4% of Chicago area residents donate blood. Apparently the other 96% merely keep their fingers crossed that they won’t ever need blood in an emergency. Or perhaps they feel no guilt about demanding that others save their lives. And keep in mind that, until science develops a synthetic substitute for blood, only human beings can replace that life-giving fluid that rushes through our bodies.

The Westchester Blood Program is a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with the Village of Westchester. Please direct all inquiries to:


Board Secretary
Wendy Hennings
Michael Vitek
Donor Database
Kevin Lah
Volunteer Recruiter
Annamarie Ferreira
Drive Location Chairman
Maria Ortiz
Board Member/Caller Group Captain
Bill Mize
Board Member/Caller
Ruth Dugo
Board Member/Group Captain
Barbara Cavanaugh
Board Member
Ezequiel Trevino
LifeSource Liaison
Jaime Cardona
Historian & Albums
Sheri Wagner