Street Improvement Projects

About the 2020 Street Improvement Program

2020 Road Projects - Click here for a map of the entire years projects.

Roadwork was completed utilizing a Heat in Place method a quick and less expensive method of road repairs due to less asphalt being required.  Click here to see a map of work that was recently completed. 

Shaw Street sewer project - to begin July 20, 2020 - Replacement of 200 feet of storm sewer.

Balmoral Street will receive spot repairs  from Canterbury to Roosevelt. This project will begin late July or early August.

Norfolk from Frontage Road to Kent - in-house grind and overlay scheduled for the end of August.

Cermak Alleys from the forest preserve to Buckingham scheduled for the 1st week of September.

Mannheim Road alley from Canterbury to Oxford full depth construction to improve the current gravel alley status. This is scheduled for mid-September. 

Gladstone Bridge Project 2022

The Village will be working with an IDOT-approved contractor to replace the Gladstone Street Bridge over Addison Creek between (approximately) April and July 2022. Gladstone Street between Suffolk Avenue and Norfolk Avenue will be closed while construction is in progress, so a local detour route will be provided along Suffolk Avenue, Wedgwood Drive, and Norfolk Avenue.

2018 Westchester Alley Report

The Village of Westchester contracted with Hancock Engineering to prepare a report with an inventory of the existing alley pavements withing the village. Click here to read the full report.