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Summer Rainfall Totals

Below are photos of an August 30th article from Tom Skilling’s Chicago Tribune Weather page.  The article declares the 2014 summer as the wettest on record with over
2 feet of rainfall.  Normal amounts are about 12 inches.  This is a major factor as to why so much back yard and basement flooding has occurred this year.  Record amounts
of rainfall produce never before seen effects.  Last board meeting a group of citizens were asking when local government was going to become accountable for the flooding. 
Local government is accountable, but the record rainfalls and the effect it has on our existing infrastructure has been overwhelming and beyond the design standards.
Our storm water system is designed to meet a level of service and a statistical storm standard.  It was not designed for record amount of rainfall.

While Westchester is not responsible for the amount of rain that has fallen, Public Works will continue to aid and assist citizens where possible and to develop additional
resources that residents can benefit from during heavy weather events.  The Mayfair Reservoir and Sunnyside Sanitary Sewer projects are two such projects that will reduce
chronic backups and overland flooding.