2021 Road Construction Projects

The Village of Westchester has started our construction projects as were outlined during our request during the 2020 Bond referendum. The Project Map below shows what and where these projects will be in progress. All of these projects have been made possible by you the residents last November and we would like to thank you. This is just the first round of projects and we will keep you up to date with a new list and map of projects during the upcoming months. Please visit this page along with the Village of Westchester Facebook page for detailed updates. 

Construction Updates 

Check back to view updated schedules as weather and other factors may impact the daily progress of each project.  Our Westchester Facebook page will also provide this information as it is known. 

Current Projects

The microsurfacing project map can be found here. - View Map  - View Street Listings

The street portion of the projects will begin on April 19, 2021 and continue until October 1, 2021. - View Map

Current two week contractor schedule (Updated June 14, 2021) - Click here.

The sewer lining program will begin mid-May 2021 and continue through November 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, contact Westchester Public Works at 708-345-0041. 

2021 Current Projects - View Map 

2021 Construction Project Photo Gallery - Click here.

Future Projects 

Use this interactive map to tap the street you are looking to obtain more information on.  Use the following key understand the work scheduled to be completed.  MAP LINK

Proj_YR - The year the project is scheduled at this time
Proj_Type - Provides the type of work scheduled. 

ST_RESURF - Street Resurfacing.
MICRO - MicroSurfacing
HIP - Heat in Place or Scarification.
ST-RECON - Complete Street Reconstruction.