Neighborhood Watch Program

"Partners in Prevention" to Reduce Crime

A healthy, united community is one of the strongest ways to deter crime. Neighborhood Watch, a crime prevention program sponsored by the Westchester Police Department and run by residents, enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime, solve problems, and keep each other informed of suspicious activity within the watch area. Click here for the Neighborhood Watch program brochure.

Neighborhood Watch Area Signs
Once the Neighborhood Watch area is established, signs designate the area as such. The signs have been known to deter would-be criminals, who know that watchful neighbors will alert police to any unusual activity in the area.

Neighborhood Watch Sign

Annual Gatherings
Some Neighborhood Watch groups hold annual block parties, garage sales, a holiday cookie exchange or picnics to help everyone stay connected. Officers, as with any good neighbor, welcome an invitation to get to know everyone.

Current Neighborhood Watch Groups

1100 block of Manchester; 1100 block of Suffolk; 1500 block of Bristol; 1600 block of Gardner; entire block of Raleigh.

The following resources are available to help residents start and then maintain a Watch Group:

How to Start a Neighborhood Watch! Video

Neighborhood Crime WatchVideo

National Association of Town Watch

 All requests for public programs at schools, businesses, civic organizations, questions, etc. should be directed to the Community Relations Unit, Officer Cristian Aguirre , Community Relations Officer, at 708.345.0060  or via e-mail