Community Relations Unit

View our National Night Out 2014 video.

The Westchester Police Department Community Relations Unit CRU is charged with the responsibility of establishing positive communication, to share concerns, perspectives, ideas and solutions to crime between the community and the Department. While all police officers are obligated to project a positive and professional image of the Department, the CRU assists and creates avenues in which to accomplish this task.

The Departments Community Relations Officer CRO serves as a liaison between the Department and the community, and is responsible for designing and implementing community programming in the areas of crime prevention, personal safety and neighborhood protection. The officers of this unit focus on projects that the Department can implement to enhance services to the community and to improve the quality of life.

The CRO frequently attends and participates in civic events such as parades, safety & health fairs, meetings, displays and other methods that allows the CRO interact with the community. The CRO also speaks on a variety of safety-related topics.

In addition the CRU coordinates a variety of services. Below are some of the programs that the Department CRU officers organize and promote for the community:

  • Neighborhood Watch... probably the best home security program available to residents and the community. National Neighborhood WatchNational Association of Town Watch
  • Home and Apartment Security Survey... provides for a free safety inspection that gives residents the opportunity to learn cost effective techniques to make their home a harder target for a criminal.
  • S.A.F.E. Senior… Safety, Abuse, and Fraud Education is a program designed for seniors that includes safety, fraud and cons.
  • Red Ribbon Week... a full week of programs including drug awareness, personal awareness, stranger danger and others at public and private schools. National Family Partnership
  • National Night Out... a nationwide event where neighbors gather together to send a message to criminals that they are united in cracking down on crime in their neighborhood. 2012 Westchester National Night Out PromoNational Association of Town Watch
  • Department Tours… we offer tours to groups interested in learning more about the police facility.
  • Workplace Safety… a program addressing safety and violence in the workplace.
  • Bullying… age appropriate presentations on the subject at both the public and private schools.
  • Safety “U”… a children’s safety program sponsored by the park district and co-taught by the Department.
  • Community Festivals… a Community Relations Unit booth is present at most events throughout the year.
  • Presentations… at no cost and upon request the unit works with various citizen groups/organizations and the business community. If interested in having an officer speak at your next meeting, please contact us. We are pleased to accommodate most requests.