Leak Detection & Repair

About the Program

The Village of Westchester is completing a $10,400 contract for water leak detection. The village water distribution system has 48 miles of watermain. We periodically perform leak surveys to reduce the loss of water in our system and keep the cost of water distribution as low as possible. The leaks are found by using acoustic devices that “listen” for the noise a leak makes. Often times this is done at night to minimize the ambient sound levels. To date our contractor is about 80% done with the survey. They have found 37 leaks, most we have repaired with in-house staff. Of these found leaks, 5 were on main lines, 13 on valves, 18 on fire hydrants and 1 on a service line. Our goal is to reduce our system leakage rate to below 8% of the total amount of water purchased. This benchmark is used for all communities that have a Lake Michigan water allocation.